How to clean Sterling Silver and Gold Earrings?

You have just purchased a wonderful pair of sterling silver or gold earrings. Unfortunately, you take them home and find that they are slightly tarnished but still look beautiful. The next time you wear them, everyone notices the black spots on your pretty earrings. What can you do to remedy the situation? Taking care of your earrings is easy if you use the right supplies and follow some simple steps to avoid damaging these delicate pieces of jewelry. clean Sterling Silver

Suppose you purchased silver or gold earrings that have never been cleaned before. In that case, you must first clean them before wearing them to remove any oils or dirt left by manufacturing processes which can cause discoloration over time. If the earrings are small in size, the discoloration might not be easily noticed, at first sight, Wholesale Jewelry, so a magnifying glass would do the trick.

However, once this initial cleaning process has become tarnished over several years, it should be cleaned regularly to keep it from turning your white sterling silver into a yellowish-gray color and your bright Gold into a black color. This is possible by using commercial jewelry cleaning supplies or even simple household cleaners. clean Sterling Silver

How to clean Sterling Silver and Gold Earrings?

clean Sterling Silver

– Clean Silver Earrings –

Sterling silver earrings are nice to wear, especially when you have piercings in multiple places, but no matter how hard you try, there will always be some dirt or grime that gets caught on the surface, and it takes a lot of work to clean it off properly. Using just soap and water alone will not do the trick. If you have sterling silver earrings, vinegar and baking soda will help remove dirt that has built upon the piece and leave it shiny and bright. clean Sterling Silver

Mix one part water, 3/4 parts white vinegar, one teaspoon of baking soda, and two tablespoons of salt in a small bowl. Dip the piece into this solution until it is just submerged beneath the water (or hold it over the bowl allowing running water to run through the earring). Then gently scrub with a soft toothbrush or an old toothbrush that has been cleaned, Wholesale Silver Jewelry, rinsing frequently. Allow drying on a soft cloth until no longer damp. clean Sterling Silver

clean Sterling Silver

To avoid spots in the kitchen, use copper and stainless steel and never cook using aluminum, or your silver will discolor quickly due to the reaction between the two metals. For cleaning, clean with warm water and dish soap, then polish with a special silver cleaner or toothpaste (which is made for smoothing out minor scratches).

To polish, make a baking soda and water paste, then mix thoroughly into this paste with ΒΌ teaspoon toothpaste. After you have polished with the baking soda paste, rinse thoroughly and dry immediately on a soft cloth or towel. This can also be used for gold earrings that are only lightly tarnished. Do not leave in contact with plastic or rubber for too long. clean Sterling Silver

– Clean Gold Earrings –

Gold Earrings can also get dirty over time, especially when it is worn every day. You should only use a soft cloth and some warm water to clean your gold earrings. This will also remove any excess dirt that may have built up over time. Occasionally some light tarnishing can be removed using toothpaste that contains mild abrasives (not gel), but if this happens often, they are best cleaned by an expert jeweler every 1-2 years, depending on how often you wear them. clean Sterling Silver

clean Sterling Silver

You should never clean the prongs or post of your earring with anything, as this can cause damage to the piece over time, leading to breaking off a stone or wearing away of the finish on your earring’s surface. Some individuals even believe Fire can be used to clean gold earrings since Gold is refined by Fire. However, this is a myth. clean Sterling Silver

– Cleaning your jewelry –

To clean any of your precious metals, you should always use a soft cloth to gently wipe away the dirt. This can be done frequently with all materials, Jewelry manufacturers, including plastic. Cleaning your jewelry more often will help prevent oxidation which occurs when air reacts with the surface and causes it to turn a tarnished color or black spot within hours of wearing. If this happens, simply repeat these steps for cleaning until they are bright again. clean Sterling Silver

clean Sterling Silver

Your earrings are now shining beautifully and ready to wear! To keep them looking marvelous, you should regularly polish them at home using either mixture as previously mentioned.
Never use a jewelry cleaner that contains chemicals or Alcohol, which can cause damage to your precious metals. This is a big mistake many jewel owners make. You must have seen many YouTube Videos claiming that Alcohol can clean your tainted earrings. It’s a big myth, and it doesn’t work. Even if it works, it’s only temporary, and in the long run, the negative effects will tell on your jewelry. clean Sterling Silver

Remember, it is best not to wear any piece of jewelry while doing things like housework (especially cooking), sweaty physical activities, or swimming in pools to avoid tarnishing due to oxidation and moisture build-up in the air. Your earrings are most affected by high body heat and water damage, so be sure to store them carefully and safely when storing them away each day. Some women would even bathe with their earrings every day because they do not want to take them off. clean Sterling Silver

This doesn’t seem right because not only are you spoiling the quality of the earrings; you would also be giving yourself dark patches behind your ears. You would have to start investing some money into lightening creams to clear the spots behind your ears at the end of the day. This could have some health effects later on. However, if you take off your earrings as and when due, the back of your ears will be looking very clean. This is why you should follow the guide above. In conclusion, your earrings will last for many, many years if only you take proper care of them! clean Sterling Silver

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