How to know if Your Jewelry is the Real Deal

Shopping for a jewelry item is an easy task if you know what you are looking for. As long as you have a specific idea in mind, all it takes is to narrow down your options to locations that have them on display or online vendors in stock. But, as much as shopping for a pair of earrings is easy if you know the gemstone, shape, size, Wholesale Jewelry, and design that you want, getting a genuine pair might be more challenging. You cannot tell the difference between a piece of fake or real jewelry at first glance.

Dishonest and fraudulent sellers have taken hold of this fact to dupe people into purchasing phony gold, silver, and other accessories. Many times, people have purchased jewelry from them at specific prices, thinking they had the luck of getting good value at a reasonable price. Fortunately, quick tests will take less than five minutes to determine if your jewelry is the real deal or a fool’s purchase.

How to know if Your Jewelry is the Real Deal

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Testing to see if Your Gold is the Real Deal

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Gold is one of the most sought-after metals in the making of jewelry items. Here are a few ways to know if your gold jewelry is authentic or not: Your Jewelry

Magnifying glass test:

The first and most common test carried out on gold by customers and jewelers alike is a magnifying glass. This test requires a careful inspection to look for these cues: Your Jewelry

Signs of discoloration:

Metallic gold does not react to environmental factors. It stays in its original, actual state for a very long time. So, if your gold has discoloration marks, it is most likely that you have fool’s gold. Your Jewelry


Pure gold has a soft yellow color. If your piece has a shiny or more toned color when viewed under a magnifying glass, then you can be sure that what you have is not a real gold piece. Your Jewelry

Magnet test:

Carrying a magnet to your jewelry store is easy. A small piece that works just fine can be slipped into your purse or bag. If the jewelry sticks to the magnet, then it might be fake gold. Metallic or real gold is a non-ferrous metal, which means that it will not attract the magnet. Your Jewelry

Skin test:

The skin test can be done either at home or at the jewelry store. All that is required is for you to hold the piece in your hand for a few minutes. You have to be sure that your hand does not have any chemical component like liquid foundation or powder. If you notice discoloration on your skin after some minutes, like a blackish or greenish tint, then is it an alloy. Metallic gold is known not to leave stains on the skin. Your Jewelry

Calipers test

Sometimes, the standard of the size and weight of real gold can be determined by the number of carats. Use calipers to measure the thickness, size, weight, and diameter of your jewelry. You can also lookup to find out the general specifications regarding that particular jewelry’s size, Wholesale Silver Jewelry, weight, and consistency. If it does not match the dimensions, then you might have fake gold on your hands. Your Jewelry

Water test

This test is perhaps the easiest that can be carried out. All you need is a container half-filled with water and your gold piece. Drop it into the container and watch what happens. If it rises to the top of the surface or floats, then you have gold clad on your hands. If it sinks, then it is absolute gold. The high density of metallic gold {19.32g/ml} weighs it down in the water, causing it to fall to the bottom of the container. Your Jewelry

Ceramic scratch test

Take a piece of ceramic plate or tile and scratch the surface with it. If it is genuine gold, it will leave a gold mark. If it is fool’s gold, it will leave a black trail. Your Jewelry

Cosmetic test

Wearing makeup has so many advantages. Not only compliment your natural beauty, but it can also be a gold test. Liquid foundation or powder will tell you if your gold jewelry is real or fake. If you rub the piece directly on the skin area with the liquid foundation, real gold will leave a black steak. Your Jewelry

Acid test

The acid test can be carried out in two ways;


To do this, you need to apply a few drops of vinegar to the metal. There will be no change if it is real gold, but you will notice a color change if it is plated. Because this test permanently changes the color of fool’s gold, you might want to apply just a drop or two in an inconspicuous place if you are not buying the jewelry. Your Jewelry

Nitric acid:

One of the characteristics of noble metals is that they are resistant to corrosion, oxidation, and acid. Rub the piece against a stone to leave a mark. Then apply a few drops of nitric acid to that area. The acid will dissolve alloys very quickly. If that reaction does not happen and you want to be double sure, apply aqua regia, a mixture of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. The combination is sure to dissolve base metals that are not real gold. Your Jewelry

Letter marking

Some jewelry has markings on them to indicate that they are gold-platted. Anywhere you see these markings, you know that what you have is not real gold. Also, any gold piece marked less than 10k [K is karat system} has less than 41.7% of gold content and is considered fake. The markings include; Your Jewelry 

-GIP [gold plated]

-GF [Gold Filled]

-GE [Gold Electroplated]

-GEP [Gold Electro Plated]

-HGP [Heavy Gold Plated]

-HEG [Heavy Gold Electroplated]

These markings indicate that only a small percentage of gold was used to cover the outer appearance of the piece, and some other metal like copper is what lies under the surface. Your Jewelry 

Your Jewelry


It is essential that when you go out to spend money with, Jewelry manufacturer, you should be able to get the value due to your money’s worth or what was promised. But the best way to know if your gold is real is to have a reputable jeweler test evaluate it for you. With their years of experience, you can be sure to have the correct answer. Your Jewelry

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