Wholesale Silver Bangle Jewelry – Which gemstone compliments your bangles

Given that there is a diverse range of gemstones available on market, you need to choose the one that looks great and compliments your wholesale silver bangle. Silver Bangle Jewelry Choose the gemstones which match your personality and uplift the entire look of your dress.

Silver Bangle Jewelry Dive in to have a look at how to design the jewelry and make your gemstone colors come up to life. Most gemstone color combinations look great, always choose the colors which don’t fight for themselves. If one color dominates then others then it won’t look great so choose the gemstones that support each other and create a mesmerizing look.

Wholesale Silver Bangle Jewelry – Which gemstone compliments your bangles


Silver Bangle Jewelry


Complimentary colors

The colors that balance each other look great on the wholesale silver bangle. Silver Bangle Jewelry For instance, choose yellow (citrine) and purple (amethyst) gemstones or choose green (emerald) and red (ruby) gemstones which complement each other and uplift the look of your wholesale silver bangle.

Analogous colors

Some colors combinations go adjacent to each other and look great for a wholesale silver bangle. Choose combinations that look great like blue (sapphire) and green (emerald) or choose orange (citrine) or red (ruby). These color combinations look great for your bangle. Silver Bangle Jewelry You can simply pair these bangles with all dress types whether you are choosing a bangle for everyday wear or celebration events.
Similar to the complementary colors, these analogous colors also work well with each other and don’t dominate each other. The wholesale silver bangle in citrine colors looks great when combined with the beautiful ruby accents. The red color supports the orange color. Silver Bangle Jewelry

Monochromatic colors

The monochromatic colors also fit well for your wholesale silver bangle. All blues like blue topaz, aquamarine, tanzanite, sapphire, and all greens like peridot, emerald, and all reds like pink tourmaline, garnet, or ruby. All purples like tanzanite or amethyst and all yellows like a yellow diamond, yellow citrine, or yellow sapphire look great and they pair well with the wholesale silver touch in bangles.

Silver Bangle Jewelry

Triadic colors

The colors are equally and well balanced giving them the beautiful look. The blue, pink, and yellow color combination makes this color combination a great choice. Silver Bangle Jewelry The accents of these colors look great making your wholesale silver bangle a wonderful choice. The blue topaz is paired with the yellow setting and pink tourmaline.

Split complementary

The combination of three different colors when paired together with one in the center and two on the sides makes it a complementary choice. For instance, you can choose yellow, pink, and blue including yellow gold, pink tourmaline, and sapphire making this wholesale silver bangle a mesmerizing choice.
The split complementary colors create a perfect harmony between the color combinations.


The two pairs featuring complementary colors look great. The four tetradic colors like green, blue, orange, and red including yellow gold, emerald, sapphire, and ruby look overwhelming when combined in a wholesale silver bangle. Silver Bangle Jewelry Creating a perfect balance with cooler and warmer tones makes this silver bangle look gorgeous.

White colors

Gemstones in white colors look gorgeous and make your wholesale silver bangle look versatile. Silver Bangle Jewelry You can easily pair the white gemstone silver bangles supported with other gemstones giving it a perfect hue and vibrant touch. Silver Bangle Jewelry

Rainbow colors

Rainbow-colored gemstones when used together in the wholesale silver bangle look great. Silver Bangle Jewelry The gemstones in these bangles look enchanting and highly uplifted.

Silver Bangle Jewelry

Gemstones complimenting the personality

All characters and personalities have different styles based on the gemstone collection. Dive in to have a look at the different gemstones that you can use for a wholesale silver bangle. Choose the gemstone that matches your personality and gives you a whole new set of vibes based on your style and personality type. Silver Bangle Jewelry


A gemstone that comes with topnotch quality featuring calmness and tranquility. Labradorite secures you against the world antagonism. Labradorite is famous for its evolving colors, when combined on the silver bangle, it makes your accessory look gorgeous. Compliment the look of your personality with the addition of labradorite and pair it well with all the dress types.


Ruby is a gemstone that is a source of energy, aspiration, power, zest, and enthusiasm for life. Ruby is a type of stone expressing ambition and expressiveness. It enhances your energy levels with high confidence. The addition of ruby in the wholesale silver bangle gives it a mesmerizing look and you’ll love it. Silver Bangle Jewelry


This gemstone is all about passion, administration, fearlessness. Silver Bangle Jewelry The addition of carnelian on the wholesale silver bangle also makes your bangle look gorgeous. You can also combine carnelian with other gemstones to give it an impressive look.

Silver Bangle Jewelry

Coral and Red Onyx

Coral is known for its holy properties showcasing satisfaction and modesty. The mysterious properties of coral showcase intelligence, intense willpower, and delightful harmony. Coral and red onyx when set on the wholesale silver bangle uplifts the look of the bangle. When you wear this bangle with red onyx and coral gives your hand a beautiful look.


Sapphire is a great gemstone that showcases the energy and is all about a refreshing look.  Silver Bangle Jewelry Sapphire is all known for being a majestic gemstone when added over the bangle gives it a refreshing look.


Emerald is all about being a perfectionist. It is a gemstone known as the spring color symbolizing hope, perfection, and rebirth.


Silver Bangle Jewelry This gemstone is all about expressing energy and uplifting creativity. Amethyst is the gemstone of fire. It is a stone of decontamination and assurance purging energy to create impact and connections.

Silver Bangle Jewelry


When buying the wholesale silver bangle choose the gemstones wisely so that the bangles look comfortable on your arms. Colors should always be chosen with complete attention creating a pleasant effect over your arms. With the diverse range of gemstones, you can choose an excellent design creating a unique look. Silver Bangle Jewelry

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