Gemstones used in custom jewelry

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Gemstones used in custom jewelry




Gemstones Found in Nature

Natural, as the name implies, form naturally via geologic processes and are not produced in a laboratory. Natural gemstones are found in many places and climates and are mined all over the world. Some natural can be treated or improved by the use of heat or other procedures to improve qualities such as color.

Lab-Created Gemstones

Laboratory-created, also known as lab-grown, made, or synthetic, exhibit physical, chemical, and optical qualities that are almost equal to natural.

However, because they are man-made, laboratory-created lack the uniqueness and intrinsic worth of naturally-occurring gemstones. As a result, personalized jewelry manufactured from laboratory-created is sometimes substantially less expensive than jewelry made from naturally-occurring counterparts.

Those who are inquisitive about the origins of gems in their possession should take them to a competent gemologist, who will be able to determine their provenance via thorough testing accuracy.


Gemstone Imitation

Gemstones Imitation , like laboratory-made, are generated by humans. jewelry Imitation stones, on the other hand, resemble real merely in appearance, as opposed to certain laboratory-created gemstones.

Imitation  include cubic zirconium, colored glass, and other materials that, when processed, mimic real jewels. Imitation gemstones, like other lab-created stones, may be easily detected by a competent gemologist.

Enrich or Polished Gemstones

A gemstone that has been improved or treated is one that has undergone synthetic modification to increase its look, durability, or color. both naturally occurring and produced in a laboratory, can be strengthened or cured. Gemstones Indeed, the vast majority of  on the market today have been treated in some fashion.

Some gemstone improvements may diminish or vary over time, depending on the type and quality of the treatment, as well as the date it was performed—and many require specific maintenance. Gemstone enhancements, like any human intervention, alter the value of a certain gemstone and should always be stated by a respectable gem or custom jewelry supplier.


Find Out More About Bespoke Jewelry and Precious gems

There are two options for individuals who want to learn more about the physical and chemical constitution, as well as the provenance, of the stones in their diamonds. One option is to make direct contact with a jewelry artisan. Gemstones

Any reputable bespoke jewelry maker will be open about the composition of their creations. However, for individuals who want a second (or first, as is frequently the case with gifted and inherited things) opinion on their jewelry and gemstones, one of the best choices is to see a competent gemologist who can put the stones through expert testing to precisely identify their origins.

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