The marriage proposal is a unique and unrepeatable moment that should be unforgettable. ENGAGEMENT RINGS Even when there was no man by our side, we have enjoyed the most romantic proposals in cinema, and we have wanted to become the protagonists of every one of those proposals. ENGAGEMENT RINGS

ENGAGEMENT RINGS Over time, men have changed their tactics and spend more time preparing the most romantic, original proposal or one that best suits their partner’s tastes.  ENGAGEMENT RINGS And, of course, you have to look around us to see that romanticism is resurfacing in the most fun way.

Although its emotional value is much more important than its material value, engagement jewel is a way to pay tribute to the love you feel for it.  ENGAGEMENT RINGS Show her how much you love her by giving her a unique engagement jewel, which she displays in her hand with great pride.




Are you getting ready to propose to your partner? As you know, a marriage proposal is not an everyday event. It is a unique moment between you and your spouse, and you want everything to go perfectly. ENGAGEMENT RINGS

You’ll want a setting that perfectly represents your love, and of course, the perfect engagement ring. Do you have no idea where to start? We know how overwhelming planning a proposal can be, so here are some tips to follow to help you buy the perfect engagement ring. rings

If you are looking to buy an engagement ring, most advice will be about solitaire rings that draw all the attention to a single diamond. But you can also opt for the beauty and symbolism of an engagement ring with 2 or 3 diamonds.

We are happy to give you tips on choosing the right diamond for the perfect engagement ring. ENGAGEMENT RINGS Many men prefer the classic solitaire engagement ring with a round diamond and plenty of sparkles—a timeless

and elegant choice to charm every type of woman. We will discuss how many carats the diamond should have, but the global average is between 1.00 and 1.09 carats. rings

The higher the carat weight, the higher the price of the engagement ring. The quality of the diamond is expressed by the 4Cs, whereby clarity and color are essential. ENGAGEMENT RINGS

Purchase a diamond that scores are at least VS2 or SI1 on the clarity scale and G or H on the color scale. All that’s left to decide is whether the brilliant round cut is the right choice for you or whether something else would suit you better. rings

What do you need to know about the cut?

If you are looking for engagement buying tips, seeking extra advice about the cut is essential. The cut primarily determines the sparkle of the diamond. ENGAGEMENT RINGS The round brilliant has the most sparkle as it is cut to have 57 facets that reflect each other.

The square princess cut is no less beautiful than the brilliant cut, although the price of a polished princess diamond is generally lower. The cost of old cut diamonds with fewer facets is also considerably lower,

although they lack some fire. But we have noticed that these cuts have increased in popularity since the vintage revival.  ENGAGEMENT RINGS Vintage is a trend that revives old pieces of clothing and jewelry. rings



The traditional engagement ring has an easily recognizable design, the solitaire, a ring with a single central diamond as the main gem of the jewel. However, you can switch to the classic engagement ring, with which, indeed, you will more than cover the needs, preferences, and especially the budget for that jewel.

The vintage trend not only revived the old cut. Romantic and nostalgic souls are increasingly going for red gold, a popular precious metal during the Victorian era. Different precious stones are often chosen instead of diamonds to turn an engagement ring into a genuinely vintage engagement ring.

These might include a splendid red ruby, blue sapphire, or green emerald. Eternity rings are another trend. Here, the ring is encircled by smaller diamonds or other precious stones.  ENGAGEMENT RINGS The ultimate symbol of love! It is essential to know her exact ring measurement when buying an eternity ring as it cannot be larger or smaller.

On the other hand, diamond bracelets are some engagement accessories that are gaining ground. Diamond bracelets are timeless pieces of jewelry that continue to be a trend generation after generation.

Diamond bracelets are ideal jewels to wear on any occasion, as they add shine to one of the most expressive parts of the body.  ENGAGEMENT RINGS It can be used individually or as a matching set with diamond earrings or pendants.

ENGAGEMENT RINGS Diamond bracelets can be great details for a romantic gesture on the wedding anniversary and, at the same time, appropriate as a birthday gift, graduation gift, for the birth of a baby, or a job promotion. rings


We have a few tips for buying a colorful engagement ring. jewelry Instead of a colorless diamond, you could choose a colored gemstone as the central stone in the ring. ENGAGEMENT RINGS

Diamonds can also be naturally colored. Naturally colored diamonds are even rarer and therefore more expensive than colorless ones. Another option is to choose yellow or red gold. But did you know that it is also perfectly possible to combine two colors of precious metal? rings

If you prefer to keep things plain and straightforward, then combining yellow and white gold is perfect. If you are looking for something more eye-catching, then try combining white and red gold. ENGAGEMENT RINGS

ENGAGEMENT RINGS A multicolored ring might be a little more expensive, but you will be sure to have a unique engagement ring. rings



ENGAGEMENT RINGS  We have already discussed more expensive and affordable options in detail, but what is the effective cost center for an engagement ring? ENGAGEMENT RINGS

The unwritten rules say that you should spend an average of 2 to 3 months’ wages on an engagement ring (and that’s on the average). ENGAGEMENT RINGS  Each part of the ring might determine the overall price.  ENGAGEMENT RINGS So set a realistic budget and ask for advice during the choosing process. rings

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