5 Best Wholesale Bangles: Ultimate Guide

Wholesale bangles, worn individually or as a set, are an excellent way to add a little extra glam to any outfit. The beauty of wholesale bangles lies not only in the simplicity of its design but in how effortless it is

. You can throw one on or slip on a few and never feel like taking them off. The classic piece of jewelry can be worn during the day or at night. It can also be worn on weekends, weekdays and paired with casual outfits. Wholesale Jewelry.

5 Best Wholesale Bangles: Ultimate Guide

Best Wholesale Bangles

In Indian culture, wholesale bangles mean various things. For example, red indicates prosperity, green indicates fertility, yellow bangles indicate happiness, white bangles indicate new beginnings, and silver bangles indicate strength.

Available in various sizes, shapes, designs, and materials such as diamond, glass, and wood, you can rock a monochromic set of stunning bangles or throw on a mix of metals to give a more eclectic impression. Below is the ultimate guide to choosing 5 of the best wholesale bangles available on the market. Wholesale Silver Jewelry.

5 Best Wholesale Bangles: Ultimate Guide

1. Cuff Bangle

Wholesale cuff bangles are a more contemporary form of the traditional cylindrical bangle. They are sturdy in design as well as structure. Best Wholesale Bangles.

Wholesale cuff bangles are the wider bangles that are worn around the wrist and tend to be crafted from shaped and flattened metals.

The bangles can be often found in silver.
Cuff bangles have quite a striking similarity to torques in that they often have a small gap that allows the wearer ample space to slip it onto the arm without going through the hassle of drawing it up the wrist.

When the metal is in its flattened form, cuff bangle designs can incorporate great patterns. The corners of a cuff bangle are often rounded so that it is easy to slip one onto the arm without bothering the wrists. They are available in fine metals and as a fashion piece. Jewelry manufacturer.

Best Wholesale Bangles

2. Interlocked Bangle

Interlocked wholesale bangles are often interlaced in sets of three and left plain, however, the combination of styles as well as metals may be different, creating an eclectically interesting look.

Interlocked wholesale bangles usually come as a set of bangles consisting of two or more sterling silver bangles flowing freely and bound with a small band.

Some interlocked bangles are crafted such that they can be folded together into one single piece where all parts can freely move and spin. For a more casual look, interlocked bangles are also available in beaded wire

3. Plain Bangle

Plain wholesale bangles complement an outfit tremendously well and can serve the same purpose intended for cufflinks- to add some sophistication in terms of look and overall appearance to an outfit.

Plain bangles are chic, cool, and go with almost any outfit. They are crafted with precious metals and are available in silver, gold, diamante, and stainless steel.

Wholesale plain bangles add an elegant but laid-back touch to casual and corporate outfits alike. Best Wholesale Bangles.

Best Wholesale Bangles

4. Torque Bangle

The torque bangle has a gap on one side designed to make easy the process of slipping the bangle directly onto the arm just above the wrist. Best Wholesale Bangles.

This is beneficial in that the bangle will often be smaller than the wrist and can be worn seamlessly without the probability of it slipping off the wrist.

The most popular style of wholesale torque bangles is the ball endings where both ends of the gap each have a small round ball. Best Wholesale Bangles.

This makes it easy for the bangle to be slipped on and off the wrist more seamlessly as opposed to having flattened or pointy ends. Best Wholesale Bangles.

Contemporary wholesale torque bangle styles include oval-shaped or rounded ball ends, though many have smooth oval ends these days. Best Wholesale Bangles.

They are generally crafted from round silver wire that is either solid or hollow. It is available in an array of fine metals including gold and silver. Best Wholesale Bangles.

Best Wholesale Bangles

5. Bangles for Men

For as long as women have worn bangles, men have as well, usually as a part of their culture, although only wealthier men wore jewelry back then due to the craftsmanship and precious metals involved. Best Wholesale Bangles.

Traditional men’s jewelry was often adorned as an indication of wealth or strictly religious reasons. Today, silver bangles for men are becoming increasingly fashionable and popular.

Men’s bangles are, however, more simplistic in design, heavier, and more expensive than ladies’ bangles. Male bangles can be seen on celebrities and reality TV shows today.

Best Wholesale Bangles

Silver Bangles for Women

Wearing silver bangles is a symbol of beauty. In addition, it carries numerous benefits. From ancient times, silver bangles have been considered to be the symbol of good luck and beauty. In certain communities, it is important and even mandatory for women of all ages to have a bangle on.

Hong Factory offers an array of bangles that are sure to highlight a person’s beauty and make them stand out. Silver bangles for women hold many benefits such as enhancement of beauty and betterment of mental condition.

Wholesale bangles from Hong Factory are perfectly crafted to suit various wrist sizes. They are delicately designed out of sterling silver and other fine metals.

Best Wholesale Bangles

The length of the bracelet is easily adjustable and will serve as a great gift to a loved one. Bangles are an essential piece of jewelry as they have been considered to be a symbol of beauty as well as good luck for women. Best Wholesale Bangles.

Not only do bangles increase health they are used in various forms and can also be worn by men. At Hong Factory, an array of bangles are available for your choosing, from cuff bracelets to charm bracelets, plain bangles, bangles for men, torque bangles, and interlocked wholesale bangles.

They are also available in designs such as flat plain silver and thick plain silver. When you come across beautiful arms with stunningly beautiful bangles sitting pretty on their wrists, ensure to give them a second look. It just might inspire you to get a bangle or two for yourself and your loved ones.

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