5 Timeless Jewelry Pieces that are Worth Having in Your Collection

We all appreciate the trends that inspire us to add new pieces to our collections or create unique pieces modelled after jewelry pieces that left the world amazed and buzzing.

The right piece of jewelry can transform the most casual of outfits, elevate your mood and even crate a show-stopping, jaw-dropping effect if need be.

But as much as the high carat diamond ring to the bold, layered earrings are all pieces you might keep for special occasions, the simple, classic yet timeless pieces that we rely on every day that wins the day jewelry pieces.

The simple gold band that you can wear while housekeeping, going to get the groceries, and going for a fancy dinner to the earrings that you don’t have to slip off when you are in the comfort of your home to get comfortable.

These jewelry pieces have proven, time and time again over the years, to be a combination of beauty, comfort, and practicality. It is why we want to share with you in this article twenty of them that you will never regret adding to your collection of jewelry pieces.

5 Timeless Jewelry Pieces that are Worth Having in Your Collection

Jewelry Pieces

Stud earrings:

Unlike some earrings that are only suitable for certain occasions require either utmost subtlety or outright flamboyance without combining both, studs are known to be multipurpose. Because it combines simplicity and class, it is the reason why many people choose it as their first earring.

The best part about stud earrings is that they go with absolutely anything and are a simple solution for what earrings to wear when you cannot make choice jewelry pieces.

You can either wear studs that shine and sparkle and will draw attention to it without being over the top or just made to complete an outfit to a simple gathering or the gym, to the pool, and even running earrings.  It is a type of jewelry that has proven to be all-around effective and an invaluable addition you will not regret jewelry pieces.

Jewelry Pieces

Pendant necklace:

The history of pendant necklaces dates back to over twenty-five thousand years ago when they were used as religious symbols, honorary symbols, sexual symbols, and charms to ward off negative energy.

To date, pendants still hold more than aesthetic values for certain people. Most people wear pendants to symbolize things like; love, friendship, commitment, opportunities. It could also hold the picture of a lost loved one, a lock of hair from a newborn, or, as used earlier, for protection jewelry pieces.

The beauty of pendant necklaces is not only in their symbolisms but in that this simple piece of jewelry can be designed in several ways. Some pendants are fixed to the chain, while others can be removed and switched with another.

It all depends on what shape or symbol you prefer. A piece that can bring your loved one closer to you while creating a fantastic boost to whatever outfit you decide to wear is something worth considering jewelry pieces.

Jewelry Pieces

Gold ring :

Everybody should have a gold ring in their collection: a plain band or a chunky ring. Out of all timeless pieces, gold rings rank as one of the highest and most valued jewelry pieces.

Apart from the fact that gold rings go with other jewelry pieces you might own without color palettes clashing, and it has the advantage of complementing any outfit you don effortlessly, you can wear it anywhere at all jewelry pieces.

The health benefits of wearing a gold band are also numerous. Gold helps boost oxygen flow throughout the body and prevents microorganisms and bacteria in the body.

It also regulates body temperature to reduce excessive swelling, and if you wear heels, it prevents swelling jewelry pieces. Because gold is a metal that can last for years, it is used as a means of financial security.

When times are hard down the line, and you are out of options, that gold band in your jewelry box might be your saving grace. Unlike other trendier jewelry pieces that might diminish in monetary value over time, the worth does not reduce but steadily increases. Everyone, including you, needs a gold ring in their jewelry arsenal jewelry pieces.

Jewelry Pieces

Steel watches:

A fancy watch worth a lot of money is a good choice, but a steel watch that can withstand the passage of time, trends, and fashion ages without losing its value is what you need. Even better, it should be one that you have or are planning to get in addition to the others that grace your wrists from time to time jewelry pieces.

Easy to afford and tweaked to fit your budget, the steel watch is your go-to option for your everyday outfit and outing, from a quick stop at the coffee shop and a casual tour with friends to a job interview jewelry pieces.


This list will not be complete without mentioning pearls. Unlike other gemstones, pearls come from the sea. They also do not need special cutting or refining to produce their radiant beauty. Since its discovery, pearls have been used to symbolize wealth, power, and strength.

Pearls can create beautiful pieces in different cols, from pearl earrings to necklaces that anyone can wear. High-quality pearls are very durable, and although it is not advisable to wear them underwater, pearls will undoubtedly last for a long time if properly cared for for jewelry pieces.

Jewelry Pieces


Buying jewelry does not depend mainly on how the pieces dazzle the audience or do not fail to elicit a gasp from the crowd. It would help if you considered what other qualities it can give, which is longevity.

It is where the pieces, as mentioned earlier, come in. These timeless pieces are guaranteed to see you through fashion trends, stand the test of time and still not lose their value, financially and aesthetically.

If you haven’t gotten any and you are wondering when to start updating your collection, this is the sign you need to go ahead and start buying jewelry pieces.

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