Best Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers (Ultimate List)

If you’re into the jewelry market, you probably know the importance of finding a reliable, flexible, and remarkable Private label jewelry manufacturer. They’re rare gems and probably worth more than the actual thing. Label Jewelry Manufacturers .

When you are looking for a jewel manufacturer, you’re looking for those who are pocket-friendly, those who make jewelry you’re into. You consider distance, availability of stock, quantity, and quality. Label Jewelry Manufacturers .Label Jewelry Manufacturers

It’s essential to a business that you choose the proper jewelry manufacturer to satisfy your customer. If you’re looking for a private label jewelry manufacturer, it’s probably because you know that it’s a company that makes jewels for buyers to brand as their own. Label Jewelry Manufacturers . Wholesale Jewelry.


You need a trustworthy company to keep your designs confidential to avoid rivalry from forgeries. Private label jewelry manufacturers are great. Jewelry Manufacturers .They save you time. Label Jewelry Manufacturers .

You get to brand your jewel as soon as possible. You don’t have to bother with the stress or cost of dealing with another company to handle the labels exclusively. Besides, it saves energy when you order already made goods. This gives you ample time to share with your customer just what they need. Jewelry Manufacturers. Label Jewelry Manufacturers .

Label Jewelry Manufacturers

However, as you have figured, good jewelry manufacturers are rare gems. Rare gems don’t lie everywhere. You got to know who to look for. Look for who has been tested and trusted. Look out for the names that are as good as gold. I’m talking about the big names in the business. Here is a list of them. These are six manufacturers to choose from:

Best Private Label Jewelry Manufacturers (Ultimate List)

Label Jewelry Manufacturers

Among the big names, there are bigger names. SOQ is one of those more prominent names. This company, based in Zhejiang, China, is arguably one of the most well-known companies in private labeling and jewelry making. It was established in 2012. Wholesale Silver Jewelry.

Big brands such as JC Penney, Target, and Walmart have enjoyed the services of SOQ. In jewelry-making as well as private labeling, SOQ is the foremost company. Since 2012 this company based in Zhenjiang, china has rendered great services to its customers among which are popular brands Jewelry Manufacturers


Covet Jewelry Services is an adroitly run company based in San Francisco, United States Of America. They offer a spectrum of services to capture your needs in addition to private label: wholesale and custom jewelry design for retailers, influencers, and brands. Label Jewelry Manufacturers .

Covet collection of jewels is made from materials sourced across the globe. You can find them online or physically in San Francisco. Jewelry Manufacturers. Covet products come without additional branding; that way, you can customize the jewels to your brand and sell them. Jewelry manufacturer.

The San Francisco-based company private labeling, but their products come without additional branding, so you can add pack-ins and custom labels on the package and sell under your brand name. What’s more? They help with a bit of tweaks like metal finish, chain style, and clasp type. Jewelry Manufacturers


Print is a private label jewelry manufacturers that operate print on demand. This is where you design the piece, list it in your store; then, when Printful gets your order, Printful makes it happen. Label Jewelry Manufacturers .

For beginners, they offer a free mockup generator to design your jewels. Print is worth its name in gold when it comes to private label manufacturing for bracelets, earrings, or necklaces. Label Jewelry Manufacturers .

Printful gives it customers 20% discount on sample orders and 30% discount on bulk order. Printful has multiple fulfillment centers in the United States of America and Latvia. Jewelry Manufacturers. Label Jewelry Manufacturers .

Aero Alexander

For three decades, Aero Alexander has been a company to go to for jewels you can trust. With the wealth of their experience, they empower growing retailers in making brands and higher-margin through private labeling. Label Jewelry Manufacturers .

They have offices and facilities spread across the United States of America and Southeast Asia. Jewelry Manufacturers. This company specifies that they empower growing and evolving retailers to have brand integrity and higher margins through private labeling. Label Jewelry Manufacturers .

Equally, they work with their customers to come up with the right jewelry for their target customers. They have more than 30 years of experience and are big on classy, elegant designs. This company prides themselves on their ability to receive, fulfill, and ship stock orders swiftly. They have a record of doing so within two business days — 98% of the time (96% within the same day). Jewelry Manufacturers

On Point Production

On Point Production has over twelve years of experience, years of working to meet the diverse needs of customers. They stand as leaders in private label jewelry manufacturing and accessories thanks to dedicated efforts to research trends globally. Their clients often have good remarks to give.

They take care to manufacture products that are Lead, Nickel, and Mercury-free. They operate physically from bases in California, the United States of America, and Guangzhou, China, with a headquarters in Concord.

Jewelry Manufacturers. On Point manufactures products for thousands of customers, for Big Box Retailers, Boutiques, Online Retailers, & Designer Brands all over the world: in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and China. Jewelry Manufacturers. Label Jewelry Manufacturers .

5. Pom (Peace of Mind)

Peace of Mind, do business with them, and that’s what you will have. They have been around since 2001. They’re UK jewelry designers and manufacturers. They’re renowned for making feminine, trendy yet pocket-friendly designs.

Their customer service is excellent. Pom renders customers services in designing, labeling, photography, and graphics. They have just enough experts to cover these. Silver and plated jewelry is their specialty. Label Jewelry Manufacturers .

So which Private Label Jewelry Manufacturer is recommended? Well, the one that’s just right for you. You know what you want: the specific designs, services. Which company do you have an affinity with? Who do you trust to give you what you need and on time?

Several companies like those listed above can provide you with this. The idea is the ease of doing business. So armed with this knowledge, I hope you would choose well.

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