There is no price on love. But sometimes we go out of our way to express our love, with expensive things, like a luxurious diamond wedding ring. Celebrity has taken this to another level. WEDDING RINGS.

To prove their intent, they have purchased some of the world’s most expensive pieces of wedding bands. The ten most highly-priced celebrity engagement rings globally are estimated to be really worth between 2 and 11 million dollars.




In this article, we bring to the fore the fortunate women whose fingers have worn some of the world’s most costly wedding bands. In addition to diamonds symbolizing innocence, fidelity, mildness, and lifestyles – it is stated that diamonds are a girl’s fine friend, and that may additionally be why nearly every lady with marital aspirations walks around daydreaming about a massive glowing ring.

The most luxurious superstar engagement ring is estimated to have a fee of as plenty as 8.7 million pounds! – and you may already be capable of betting which fortunate singer it belongs to. WEDDING


It has to be difficult to say no to an engagement ring with a diamond the measurement of a penny, and nicely yes, to the future husband who comes with the ring – and one would assume that such a high-priced ring used to be equal to a lengthy and completely happy marriage.

However, it is now not guaranteed. In the gallery below, we have gathered the ten most pricey engagement rings among celebrities, and you are assured of losing your jaw over the quantities that the celebrities’ husbands, ex-husbands, and ex-fiancées have shot after astonishing engagement rings.

In the tenth position is Jackie Kennedy’s Onassis 40 Carat Marquise engagement ring

The tenth most high-priced ring used to be given to the widow Jackie Kennedy, who had lost her first husband, US President JFK, when he was once shot. The ring, which positions her in tenth place with an estimated fee of 1.8 million pounds, she received from her 2d husband Aristotle Onassis, a Greek delivery mogul. After she passed away in 1996 the ring was sold at auction for $2.59 million.

In ninth place is Melanie Trump’s 15 Carat Diamond engagement ring

America’s former first lady, Melanie Trump’s engagement ring, stays in ninth place. The diamond ring given to her in 2005 by former President Donald Trump is really worth 2.2 million pounds.
It should be noted that Melanie Trump would later receive another engagement ring from Trump before the 2018 presidential run. Which in itself costs an arm and a leg! WEDDING RINGS

In eighth place is Jennifer Lopez’s 8.5 Carats engagement ring

Marc was an ex of hers whom she went back to after breaking it off with Ben! They got married in 2004 and ended with a divorce in 2014. When Marc proposed to her, he did so with a Harry Winston diamond which weighed 8.5 carats


In the seventh-place is Grace Kelly’s engagement ring

The oldest ring on the Pinnacle 10 list, belongs to the iconic actress Grace Kelly, who acquired the ring from Prince Rainier of Monaco in December 1955 – and with a rate of 3.51 million pounds, units it rings in seventh place. WEDDING RINGS

The sixth location is Paris Hilton’s engagement ring

Paris Hilton did now not entire her engagement to Chris Zylka, however, she bought a ring well worth 3.59 million kilos – which places her ring in sixth place. WEDDING RINGS

In fifth place is Beyoncé’s 18 Carat engagement ring

In the fifth region is the 18-carat emerald-cut diamond belonging to pop queen Beyoncé herself. She obtained the ring from her husband Jay-Z, and it is well worth 3.8 million pounds. WEDDING RINGS

In 4th place is Anna Kournikova’s engagement ring

Tennis star Anna Kournikova takes fourth place with her engagement ring from singer Enrique Iglesias, which is well worth 4.1 million pounds. WEDDING RINGS

In 3rd  location is Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring

Kim Kardashian’s one engagement ring from Kanye West (yes, there have been several) takes 1/3 region and charges an estimated 6.1 million pounds. Kanye gave Kim the ring after he had leaked an essential deal with Adidas (and consequently Adidas used to be simply engraved interior it)  however, it was once reportedly stolen in the course of the notorious theft in Paris, which made headlines again in October 2016. WEDDING RINGS

In 2nd place is Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement ring

In second place is the iconic Elizabeth Taylor engagement ring, which was given to her by actress Richard Burton. The ring was constructed using the Krupp diamond (then known as the Elizabeth Taylor diamond) and cost 6.7 million pounds. Despite the divorce between the two, Elizabeth kept her engagement ring until she died in 2011. WEDDING RINGS


In 1st place is Mariah Carey’s engagement ring

The most expensive engagement ring belongs to the singer Mariah Carey, with a value of 8.7 million pounds. But is a giant diamond ring equal to a long and happy marriage? For the singer, who broke off the engagement within a year, that was not the case. WEDDING RINGS


The cost of a wedding band does not often lead to eternal love. It only shows how much, at a particular time, two people feel about themselves. Sometimes it can also show how much they have in their account balance. WEDDING RINGS

If you’re thinking of getting a wedding ring yourself, you should not be necessarily pressured into emptying your year’s wages on a piece of dazzling diamond. There are beautiful and, yes, durable wedding bands that would make your jaw drop and wash your spouse with rivers of happiness and that are not too expensive. In the end, it is the state of your heart: what you truly feel about yourselves that matters. An expensive wedding ring would not keep the wedding vow in check. WEDDING RINGS

Though it can serve as a deterrent, there is more to long-lasting marriage than them. When you get your own wedding ring, most likely in the sweet company of your spouse, try not to put too much attention on prices and the glittering seduction of expensive brands.

The bands, after all, are just beautiful expressions of your love. In no time should they be the center of it? WEDDING RINGS

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