Celebrity Inspired Engagement Rings

Whether it is a fashion statement or something to tell the world “I’m engaged,” celebrity ring choices have often been the start of new trends. From traditional pieces to jaw-dropping statement bands, these rings have inspired many others to create similar designs. As couples move further along the road, there […]

Diamond Color: A guide to choosing the best color

A diamond’s color refers to its clarity or the clarity of its yellow hue. Generally, the highest quality diamonds are completely colorless, while lower quality diamonds possess a slight yellowish tint. A diamond’s color is measured based on the GIA (Gemology Institute of America) coloring scale, running from D (the […]

How To Choose Classic Jewelry Pieces

Choosing classic jewellery pieces like Jared, Mejuri, Kendra Scott, and Zales is essential to creating a timeless collection; here are some guidelines for choosing your next classic. Jewellery was once a fun way to adorn and express yourself when you were younger. It may still seem just as enjoyable now […]

Bezel Settings: Advantages and Disadvantages

Bezel settings are indigenous ring setting styles made of other colored gemstones instead of diamonds we see today. The start of the tradition of cutting diamonds for brilliance put bezel-set rings into the limelight. In a bezel setting, the center stone is trapped inside the band with a metal rim […]

Interesting Facts About Diamonds Grown in a Lab

For their environmental and ethical advantages over mined diamonds, lab-produced diamonds have exploded in popularity in recent years, rising as the main stone of choice in engagement rings and other modern jewelry items. However, there are still a lot of misconceptions or myths regarding lab-made diamonds out there, which makes […]

Ruby vs. Sapphire

Birthstones are the collection of precious stones that correspond to a particular birth month. Ruby is to July as sapphire is to September. Both are contemporary gemstones of great value. Humans love these gems for their popularity. Other factors like the color (red for ruby and blue for sapphire) also […]