Get to know more about mejuri jewelry

The best thing about silver jewelry is that it compliments every outfit, whether casual and formal and changes your look in a go. That’s why we love talking about silver jewelry. Silver jewelry comes in fabulous designs; some of these designs are embedded with beads, while others are embedded with […]

A Special Pieces of Jewelry

Do you have a special piece of jewelry that you cherish? Maybe it’s an heirloom or something from your significant other. Pieces of Jewelry Whatever the case may be, take care to store this precious item safely and securely so that it will last for years to come. A special […]


Just like a good outfit can make you look 10x better, the same goes for jewelry. It can enhance your whole look and make your personality noticeable. Some pieces, however, are required in every woman’s jewelry box especially when we talk about wholesale jewelry. In a second, women may complement […]

Gemstones used in custom jewelry

Link building may be a time-consuming and arduous process that yields little or no results. As there are so many bad sellers out there, it’s easy to get stung if you’re not careful, but the guidelines I’ve provided above will help you avoid this. Gemstones If you’re merely looking for […]

Jewelry cleaning tips – How to guide you?

Jewelry is one of the essential accessories that we flaunt at all times with our dresses on all occasions. It is therefore essential that you keep your jewelry clean and in top-notch condition so that you can wear it immediately with your dress. If you feel like lately, your jewelry […]