Top 7 Most Expensive Diamond in the world.

You know diamonds are costly, but when you bring the most expensive diamonds in the world into question, most diamonds will start to look cheap. In this article, we’ll look at an overview of seven of the most expensive diamonds in the world.  Also, you’ll learn the sources of these […]

The most Jaw-dropping jewelry

The inaugural week of July is ordinarily a suitable time of the year when the world’s high-fashion lines and renowned jewels Maisons gather in Paris to reveal their extraordinary Haute joaillerie and haute couture shows. But as with nearly all artistic meets programmed this spring, the open-ended Covid-19 pandemic has […]

Romance and sparkles of jewelry

sparkles of jewelry There is something about romance with all artistic expressions, whether it’s poetry, painting, designing, jewelry creation, and much more. Jewelry with particular symbols and meanings gives a perfect message regarding love and romance. sparkles of jewelry There is a massive history for jewelry enthusiasts where it is […]